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It’s all on film. Gordon Eastman and Don Laubach have learned to “Talk to the Deer”. Three years in the making, they have now perfected the right call sounds to bring the bucks in and get the deer to talk back. This is the most exciting hunting tool since they produced the original “Cow Talk” elk call that revolutionized elk hunting. Learn how to use the “Deer Stopper” to stop bucks in full flight, hold the deer for that perfect, shot, call deer out of hiding and find and observe all the deer in the area. Get the deer to talk back to your calls. Gordon Eastman is not satisfied to tell you how it works. He shows you on film how it works, why it works and when it works, with the real deer sounds for you to practice with. It will also work on Whitetail deer, although this film was produced for the Mule Deer hunter. “How to Talk to the Deer” is a video every sportsman will want to view over and over again. 60 minutes. 

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3 Stars

32 years old video .Price a little steep for all the info that's at our fingertips

4 Stars
Talk To Deer DVD

Easy to hear and follow DVD, wish there was an MP3 download the sounds that you can download to your phone to mimic and practice, also wish DVD was available in a downloadable format as well as it would be convenient to watch on tablet, computer or cell phone. But overall interesting video and look forward to using the product for the first time this deer season coming up.