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1 - "Deer Talk" call

1 - "How To: Talk to the Deer" DVD

1 - Package "Deer Talk" replacement bands

1 - Lanyard

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5 Stars
Deer talk

This product is amazing

5 Stars
Deer talk call and Deer Talk DVD

Well that video really helps the learning curve on how to use correctly. Now that I think I have the process down I will head out to some clear cuts and give it a real try. Awesome products

5 Stars
100% First 4 times...

First time out took it up the canyon one evening. Hiked in about 2 miles. Used the fawn distress call at 4 different areas and all four times brought in two or three does pissed off and getting ready to stomp somebody to death.

5 Stars
the real deel

This product works as advertised it teaches you simply put how to draw in deer. I live in kamloops bc and this system has worked on every mule deer I have called. Just like moose be slow and patient and don't over due it. All the information is included to take your skills to the next level.

5 Stars
Wow, Love it!!

The video and the Deer Talk call is fantastic and works like nothing I have ever seen. Especially for mule deer but also get a white tail's attention. I also use it for bear, wolf and lion hunting. Draws them right in.

5 Stars
Great mule deer call

I have used the call when I have seen bucks, does will come in and the bucks follow. Did some cold calling and brought a doe within 5yds. Amazing call and looking forward to using it here in a week in Southern NM for my bow mule deer hunt.