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The deer call made for ALL SPECIES—Whitetail, Blacktail and Mule Deer Hunting. •± This is the deer’s language •± Works on all species •± Easy to use •± A year around deer call •± Fits I your pocket “Learn common doe and distress sounds and you can call deer anytime of the year!”

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5 Stars

Performs as advertised

5 Stars
Better than the last order.

I don’t know what happened with the last order of Deer Talk/ Deer Stopper but it definitely wasn’t up to par with the prior ones I’ve ordered or these new ones I just received. Pitch is better, overall construction seems sturdier. I’ll field test it and report back.

5 Stars
Deer stopper

2nd one I've owned now.Definately stops deer and have been able to call deer out as well.

5 Stars
AmeriDeer Express

I never leave home without it. Literally! I even take it to work with me. In my field of construction we're on the empty property lots in the Foothills of Southern California even before surveyors and wildlife is abundant in certain areas. I've amazed coworkers and inspectors when i pull deer from as far as 1/4 mile down the canyon. When they ask me what I'm using, I reply with, "Can you keep a secret?" After their answer of yes I tell them, "So can I. "

5 Stars
They come even when they see me

Love it

5 Stars
Still Works...

told my hunting buddy about it and had to show him in person. I called in a doe to about 5 yards away from me while my buddy was at 10 yards away... to bad a buck wasn't following at that moment but it's bound to happen.

5 Stars

Man o man. This thing works to good guys. Stop selling this keep it secret.

4 Stars
Haven't tried it in the bush yet, but... was highly recommended to me by an avid blacktail hunter who is consistently successful. Compact size and very easy to use. I'll try it out once the pre-rut starts in a few weeks!

5 Stars
It works!

While hunting in Mexico time and time again we used the stopper when we saw deer. The stopper would stop the deer long enough to take a shot or even to the point that the deer would run to us.

5 Stars
this call is the only call

Will bring mule deer from as far away as they can hear it. When hunting mule deer in eastern MT during the rut. It. Brings the does and buck right behind them

4 Stars
Stop or my mom will shot you

It will stop the deer 95% of the time, will call them out wood 50% it they are close by.

4 Stars
works well

I've been guiding mule deer hunts for a long time and I love it. Works great hunters love it, it's like predator calling for mule deer.

5 Stars
only call i use for mule deer

As far as I'm concerned this is the best call for mule deer. I have called in doe from over a hundred yards out and during the rut the bucks come with them! Give it a try you will not be sorry!

5 Stars
Was so happy to see it work

Was still hunting elusive Blacktail bucks a few weeks ago in the rain and dark mossy and ferny forests of western Oregon. Came upon a doe before she saw me. Watched. She moved off, out of sight. Thought I'd try the Deer Stopper call, my first time. Lo and behold, she came back, with a second deer! Wish I could say it was a buck I took :-( Regardless, I was happily impressed with this call. Will always be with me now.

4 Stars
Call that really works

I had a chance to get exposed to your product few weeks ago in a hunt where I assisted handicapped hunters. The call worked great Bedded unseen mulie's would just stand up and make themselves viewable. It added a nice new dimension to the hunt.