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Deer Talk replacement bands. 3 bands.

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Width: 3.00
Height: 4.00
Depth: 0.13

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5 Stars
Replacement bands

A fresh product, not something that has been sitting on the rack for months. Thanks

5 Stars
100% in effect 95% cause

Deer Stopper is a part of my gear as is my bow. I tell everyone, "This call is so effective it should be illegal". I have videos of doe and buck beside my truck!!! Practice with it. Keep the bands fresh. Pitch is key. This is the ultimate for close encounters enthusiast. I'm a traditional Bowhunter. I'm successful every year.

5 Stars
Deer Talk call

I've used this call both hunting and doing photography. Mostly photography. It's outstanding especially in the rut when one wants to raise heads. I have several stashed in different vehicles and camera bags. A little paraffin makes the bands last a little longer.

5 Stars
great call

Love this call and that bands are are very easy to replace

5 Stars
Deer Talk is a Deer Getter

This is an unbelievable product and unless you try it, you won't believe how well it works. This is especially true for mule deer but also has an effect on white tail deer. I have also used it on antelope with success although I see where there is now one for them too.

5 Stars
It works

needed it right away and it came right away.

5 Stars
Blue bands

I have used this call since it's inception. Great for hunting and Exceptional for Photography. The only downside is no local source of replacement bands. Store in the fridge. They'll last a lot longer.

5 Stars
must have

easy replacement for uninterupted servicablitly of a great call. A friend used the deer talk to harvest a non typical 3 main beam mule deer this year in Colorado.