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From Alberta, Canada to southern Texas—4,000 miles of Whitetail country. You will see over 50 trophy Whitetail bucks that could be hunted with the proper permits and license, all on film. You will watch Bob Zaiglin, Whitetail biologist, call and rattle trophy Whitetail into camera range, using a new concept in calling and rattling that has never been used before. Hunters will thrill at the trophy buck with a 28 inch main beam. This is not only an entertaining 75 minute film, but an informative and instructive adventure that all Whitetail hunters will want to see. 75 minutes.

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5 Stars
Excellent docuentary

This was one of the first deer videos I ever watched, and now, 30 years later, it is still full of good information. Whitetail Country was revolutionary and Mr. Eastman did a fine job of bringing rattling and calling techniques to the forefront of deer hunting. Thanks