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Produces Lonesome Howls, Pack Serenade Howls, Barks, Whines & K-9 Distress. Comes with protective cap and 3 white Power Bands. You can listen to it on our YouTube Channel "ELKinc1".


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Width: 2.50
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Depth: 2.50

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4 Stars
Wolf Howler

I also have the coyote howler which seem much easier to control the pitch than the wolf howler. Just need to practice more to get a more consistent sound. All in all a great call... when I blow it correctly great sound.

5 Stars
Wolf Howler

Good service and product works great. Already use E.L.K., Inc. elk and deer calls.

5 Stars
Only howler with realistic sound

Sound is very good, but - no easy to use. First time I have no any success - it took quite many time for training. Delivery were approx month, this is way I did not write rewiew after Your first invitation. Best regards!

5 Stars
Fast Delivery and Excellent Product

This product was shipped same day, the tracking information was accurate, and the product was just as described and performs well

5 Stars
Does not play itself!

Currently practicing along with the Youtube video. Getting some good sounds. It sounds more realistic than other types. The band that was already on it seemed stretched out, so I put on one of the spares provided. I should have ordered more spares while I was ordering. They seem delicate.

4 Stars
Practice Makes Better

This howler definitely requires a lot of practice, but when you get everything figured out, it's great. I took it out in the field this year and was able to get some good wolf responses with it. I still haven't figured out how to bark yet, but when I do, there's not a wolf that will be able to ignore me. Or something.

5 Stars
It's great

The Wolf Howler seems to be a great tool. It does take a bit of learning and practice, but once it is mastered I thing it will work very well