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Hi-Pitch Gray replacement bands for the Power Bugle, Royal Bugle & Power Howler calls. Four gray bands in a brown UV protection bag.

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Width: 3.00
Height: 4.00
Depth: 0.13

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5 Stars

Best sounds ever simple to use, won't use anything else. New Mexico bulls love this call

5 Stars
gray bugle replacement bands

These bands are replacement bands for the elk bugle that I use every year. Excellent product.

5 Stars
Gray bands

Only place I could find them and came quick. Thank you!

4 Stars
power bands

cheap and worked well

5 Stars
Gray Power Bands

Very easy to make smooth and consistent contact bugles.

5 Stars

Great product!

5 Stars
Power howler

The Power Howler I feel is the best howler on the market, at least that I’ve found. I like the sound of the gray bands the best, with the whites being a close second. The whites tend to last longer though. I generally start all stands with the power howler, and many times shoot coyotes before i get to the electronics. Great product.