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Predator control is a never ending battle for ranchers, big game managers, bird farms, bird populations and urban areas. If coyote numbers are not kept under control they can cause havoc with everything they pursue. The sportsmen can be a key element in keeping coyote populations in check. Most states allow year-round hunting of coyotes. This gives the hunter an opportunity to test his skills as well as controlling the ever expanding coyote populations. “Coyote Action” is about calling coyotes during the spring, summer and fall. The new “Yote Howler”™ and “Mini-Siren” became a very effective combination. In some areas we hunted with our coyote dogs and they became an integral part of the call-ins. Howling and using a squeaker is a deadly system for callers as you will see in “Coyote Action”. Filmed in Montana and Wyoming. 60 minutes. 

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