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Coyote hunting is all about being in the field before the crack of dawn, hunting all day and returning home well after dark. How successful you are depends on how good you are on understanding coyote behavior, your ability to locate, doing proper set-ups and creating the correct sounds for a call-in. “Coyote Tactics” shows you dedicated coyote hunters in the field using the tactics they have found successful. Whether doing predator control work or hunting for prime pelts, there are so many variables we are constantly learning new tactics. The “Yote Buster”®, “Yote Howler”®, “Power Howler”® & “Yote Squeaker” calls, as well as the locating sirens are used and demonstrated in “Coyote Tactics”. A great “How-To” video. 60 minutes. 

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Anything from Elk Inc, is worth your time everything from dvds to calls are above the rest, got taught by Bobbie Muthchie, who worked their great people, great products