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1 - "Antelope Talk" call

1 - "How To: Talk to the Antelope" DVD

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4 Stars
Call sounds good; effective sometimes

The construction and sound of the call are great. No issues there. I will say, though, that the way in which antelope react to the call is much more varied than what the instructional DVD led me to believe. That is, nearly 50% of the antelope I called at were either disinterested or actually scared away. Maybe it’s a local hunting pressure issue, but the antelope I was hunting certainly didn’t come in on a string as the DVD showed. And we’re talking peak rut for timing. All that being said, I did use the call to bring in a huge buck and his 13 does to 40 yards (with the help of a silhouette decoy) and get a shot, so it’s definitely effective in the right setting. Would recommend and buy again, with only a slight qualifier on effectiveness.

3 Stars
Good call

The call is great, the video is old and blurry and needs updating with more calling demonstration and instruction. The video, because of it's age should be sold for no more than $5.00. Way over priced.