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The Power Bugle Pro Edition is the same Power Bugle that you love, with all the latest and greatest accessories we have to offer!


This bugle will produce the best squeals, grunts and full rut bugles of bull elk. The call is similar to a musical instrument where all notes and pitches are regulated by blowing.



The call quietly extends from 18" to 25" producing a variety of realistic sounds.

Elastic Lanyard allows you to use the call freely while keeping it snug against your body when not in use.

Produces bugles and cow sounds. (This is easily obtained by using a black or grey power band)



1- Power Bugle Protective Cap - for protecting the band on the call as well as storing extra replacement bands in storage area.

1- MONSTER CAMO camouflage cover.

1- White Power Band - Thickest and lowest pitch

1- Grey Power Band - Medium thickness and higher pitch

1- The Black Band - Thinnest and highest pitch

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5 Stars
Pwer Bugle Pro Edition

Elk love it. Hunters' love it. You'll love it.

5 Stars
Power bugle

I have used a power bugle since the late 80s, simple to use very durable still have my first one. Have always had great success with this bugle, just make sure you have extra bands for your trip.

5 Stars
Power bugle Elk call

The Elk call is the best Elk call for all types of weather conditions people that slobber or get excited when they're bugling moisturee does not affect it it helps it work better when wet. It's very easy to use doesn't require a lot of air

5 Stars
Power Bugle

Great Product, Great Company I got my first elk with a bow last year using the Power Bugle Pro. Easy to use and sounds great. is a great company and Justin was very helpful with customer service. I highly recommend this product. Happy Hunting.