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The ORIGINAL “COW TALK” call can stop a wounded bull elk giving you that 2nd and 3rd chance to shoot again. View the “ART OF ELK HUNTING” video and you will see just that. Bulls, cows and calves communicate with each other year around. This is their language. If you are hunting elk without the ORIGINAL “COW TALK” call, you are handicapping yourself. This is a year around call for calling in bulls as well as cows. One end of the call can be tuned for calf sounds and the other for adult elk. The “COW TALK” call fits in your pocket and is not necessary to use with a grunt tube. This is not a diaphragm call and is easy to adjust. This is a small price to ay for a successful elk hunt. Don’t leave home without it. This is the ORIGINAL “COW TALK” call and is patented and manufactured in Montana.

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4 Stars
Cow Talk Call

I use the Hoochie Mama and the Cow Talk call from E. L. K. , and I prefer the cow Talk call. It’s easy to use, makes great variable sounds, and I can have both hands on my rifle or bow while using it. I really like it a lot!

5 Stars
Cow talk call

I’ve used this call for almost twenty years. Easiest call to master. Set one band for cow, the other end for calf. Works well for calling bulls and wolves.

2 Stars
Cow talk

The rubber bands on my cow talk broke in less than a week and it did not come with extras. I bought some extras, but the extras were designed for the cow talk deluxe. A little disappointed….

5 Stars
Elk calls

These are great calls to have in the midst of elk herds. I have used these for years

5 Stars
Good Product

Had one of these years, lost it and replaced it a great cow chirp call.

5 Stars
Cow Talk

I ordered spares so I can have one in my rifle stock pack and one in my backpack. I've hunted and photographed with this call for years and called in deer, elk, oryx, bear. It works.

5 Stars
Cow talk

Ordered this for my son. He is learning how to use it. I've had mine a while and love it.

5 Stars
Cow Talk Mouth Call

This is my second Cow Talk call. It was a quick order processing and delivery. This call is easy to use and simple to vary the sound vocalizations. I called in a bull in just a minute or so two years ago.

5 Stars
Cow talk elk call

I have used this call since the mid 1990s. Called lots of elk in and then tighten the rubber band to call coyotes all winter. Great all around call. Lost my last call bought another. Received it in 3days. Great service. Thanks

3 Stars
Tougher plastic

Has the same overall sound of my older Cow Talk but is now made of a harder plastic which is harder to use and tough on the front teeth.

5 Stars
stops them cold and keeps them calm

Would never take a call from one of the posers in the field

5 Stars
It really works well!

Last year my husband and I came up on five bull elk who were just "hanging out". They stood up and began to walk away. May husband said to get the cow call. I used it. The elk stopped and looked in our direction and my husband made a perfect lung shot. I won't go out without this call. Small and easy to use. Our sons will also have one in their packs, as well. Highly recommend this equipment!

4 Stars
Simple, easy to master!

The hands free call is simple, and reproduces most elk vocalizations without any effort. Compact size, slip in your pocket or pack and be ready for action.

5 Stars
E.L.K. Inc's "Cow Talk" a must have!

I've carried a Cow Talk call on all my hunts for the last 6 years and I love it. It's easy to use, convenient to carry, and it works. Over short ranges (e.g. 0-600 yards) I get better results with the natural bleats of the Cow Talk than with any other call I've tried; bleat or bugle. I highly recommend this call.

4 Stars
durable hands free call

The ease of use and being able to adjust the bands to mimic a cow or calf sold me. Just opened shipping box and was able to create the EE-Ow sound. Looking forward to watching the Dvd to learn how to use it thoroughly

5 Stars

This call is easy-to-use straight out of the package.

3 Stars
good product

I have used this call in the past, the bands wear out but that is normal. very simple anbd it works

5 Stars
"Good Enough To Buy Again"

I bought my first Cow Talk Elk Call in 1995 and it has served me well. Over the years I have only needed to replace the bands. Recently, I decided to replace the call and immediately began searching to see if they still exist. I was happy to find Elk.Inc. is still in business and still producing the same call I have used over the years with much success. As you know there are a lot of calls out there to choose from. Take some free advise, stop looking and give this call a try. I'd be really surprised if you looked any further.

5 Stars
The Original and the Best

My headline says it all. My friend found this call and the casette tape in a Long's Drugs back in the late 80's. I've been using it ever since. I've bought one for each of my sons. And the elk season that I just finished we used it again (this time with the Power Bugle, too) to shoot a 5x5 bull. Not long after my bull was on the ground, we switched and I used it to call coyotes. It is extremely versatile, making a wide range of sounds at different volumes.

5 Stars


5 Stars
easiest to use and best call

I've had this call for quite a few years. had to buy another one as I needed 2. Its easy to use and I don't need both hands free for it. soundwise it's the best I've used. I have other calls that sit in my tote as they don't come close to this one. I recommend it for anyone, even a kid. worth the small amount of $$. I've called in big Elk with this and also even had a doe (yes a deer) talk back to me when making the lost calf call. She felt sorry for me I guess. LOL I've been able to stop a herd after they started off when I did calf call. they actually came back a few yards to see where it was. I keep it on me spring thru summer and elk hunting season. its in the truck or my purse or in my jeans. nice having a second one now. bands are easy to put on also.

5 Stars
Awesome call

Many years ago I found a cow talk call in the woods, I played with it and really liked the way it sounded. I thought to myself, one day I'm going to get to go elk hunting and I'll use this call. Years passed and the call was lost. Last year 2013 I finally got to go on my dream hunt. I was going to hunt elk in the Rocky Mountains. I purchased the cow talk call and repkacement bands for my power bugle that I had bought a long time ago at a yard sale (new). I called in a nice 7x6 and 8 cows using the two calls. You can see pics of the Bull on website. One more note the people there are awesome on customer service..

4 Stars
Great call when amount elk

A GREAT call when wanting to keep a good cow call in your mouth but do not want a reed inside your mouth