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1. Produces a variety of sounds – Howls – Jackrabbit Distress – Cottontail – Distress – Prairie Dog Chirps – Squeaks – Canine Distress

2. Sliding cylinder allows for different settings

3. Open reed works great in cold weather

4. Wrist strap for easy access

5. It was used in the how to video “Bustin’ Coyotes”


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Width: 1.25
Height: 5.50
Depth: 1.25

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5 Stars
Pretty awesome.

Alright. Here is the deal. If ya wanna shoot a dog you have to buy this call. Otherwise you are wasting your time. I have had tons of success with this call in conjunction with the power howler. If you really learn how to use it and locate them, this will bring them in if used correctly.