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Our new “Royal Bugle” ® is proving to be very realistic and easy to use. Its unique dual throat design and sliding mouth piece allows the caller to produce any sound a bull elk makes with very little air. Bugles, squeals, screams, growls, chuckles and grunts can all be made with the “Royal Bugle” ®.

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Width: 2.13
Height: 30.75
Depth: 2.13

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5 Stars
Royal Elk Bugle

I have used this bugle for years and it sounds great and easy to use. I misplaced mine last year and had to buy another.

5 Stars
Like a Bull

Along with your DVD, "Elk Calling" I was able to get a beautiful sound with little effort. Even my buddy thought so. I like it better then the power bugle, though they both work very well. Best on the market.

5 Stars

I like it , good call

4 Stars
Super Easy to use and great sound

Perhaps the easiest bugle to use that still provides very realistic sound