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After two years of extensive research, a simple, easy and fast setup is now available. The shooting sticks and ghillie blind comes as a complete unit. With the option of using the Third Leg, allows the blind to be self standing. It is extremely sturdy and weighs about 23 ounces. Pick your ghillie pattern from timber, green grass, dead grass, sage and snow. The system allows you to change the ghillie blind in seconds to match the season or terrain. The shooting sticks are 48” and have a rubber gun cradle. Additional accessories are available such as the Ghillie Head Cover, Ghillie Rifle Barrel Wrap and extra Quick Blinds™. The shooting sticks can be used without a blind if desired. Being able to blend into the landscape with this ultimate camouflage is a hunter’s dream. The Ghillie Shooting Sticks™ – the Quick Blind™ can be viewed in our new dvd, “Foolin’ Coyotes”. Patent pending. 

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Width: 5.00
Height: 47.00
Depth: 3.25

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