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  • 100% Elk Scent
  • All Natural Cow in Heat Scent
  • Attracts Bull Elk
  • Helps Mask Human Odors


Our Backcountry Lures 100% Elk Scent comes straight out of the Rocky Mountains. This Cow in Heat scent is sealed air-tight, fresh into amber bottles to prevent deterieration from the sun and other harmful UV rays. While attracting big bulls our scent will also help mask the human odors you emit in the field.

Available in:

  • 2 oz. with Spray Bottle
  • 4 oz. Refill
  • 12 oz. Refill
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Customer Reviews 5 (7 Reviews) Write a review of this product

5 Stars
Backcountry lure

Incredible tool, In your elk toolbox. I will spray a heavy use area down with this, and usually there is a bull bugling in that spot the next morning. Thank you!

4 Stars
Cow Elk Scent

This product work great when the bull gets a wiff of it. Have not had it work for a cover scent, But it's fun to spray around hoping for a bull to come in.

5 Stars
Back country lure

Incredible product. Increases my close encounters significantly.

5 Stars
Back country elk scent

I use a lot of scent in September and this is the best scent on the market.

5 Stars
Amazing scent

We use a lot of elk scent while archery hunting in the rut. The box store urine just doesn't seem to work for us. The Back Country Lures elk scent works amazingly well. It just smells fresh. We scent up an area and the bulls are in with there nose dripping. The company is top notch too. Ships quickly and accurately.

5 Stars
Excellent product

This is an excellent product . Works well and draws in the elk. Also the company is very good. Products ship quickly and accurately. Great job.

5 Stars
Great Product

This product brought the bulls in nose up. I would recommend this product to other hunters.